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Established in 1943, Yamakawa Jozo is a producer of natural miso and soy sauce located by the clear Nagara River. Using traditional methods, old-fashioned cedar barrels and the underflow water of the river, we produce various products such as Tamari soy sauce. Eighty percent of our sales come from professional-use products. Consumed in more than 1000 eating establishments, our products preserve the traditional taste and flavor that has been favored by many professional cooks.

Recommended Products and Services

"Minobi" traditional Mino Tamari (500ml: 780yen, 300ml: 567yen, 100ml: 450yen)
This type of soy sauce is made from carefully-selected soybeans, wheat, and salt through more than 2 years of fermentation processes in cedar barrels. This is an unheated product so its rich flavor remains strong.

"Sikkoku" Tamari soup stock (500ml: 1,110yen, 300ml: 690yen, 100ml: 610yen)
This "soy sauce soup stock" is made based on "Minobi" with the extract of dried bonito, shiitake mushrooms, and dried kelp. This is usually diluted and used as noodle sauce and for various foods such as vegetable-based dishes called Nimono.

Soy sauce-flavored honey butter (735yen)
Soy sauce for bread mixed with domestically-produced butter and honey.

Soy sauce for ice cream (120ml: 1,110yen, 70ml: 400yen)
Pouring a small amount over ice cream gives it a caramel flavor whereas applying a large amount creates a flavor of Mitarashi-dango (rice dumpling with a sweet soy glaze). It is gradually becoming popular abroad as well.

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Name Yamakawa Jozo Co., Ltd.
Address 1-9 Nagara Aoi-cho,Gifu-shi
Business hours 8:00a.m.~6:00p.m.
Credit card No card accepted
Telephone (+81)58-231-0951
Holidays Sundays, National Holidays, Second/Fourth Saturdays
Parking For 4 cars

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